Develop As-Is and To-Be Business Process


I have built about 30 Business Process Diagrams which I have categorized in 11 models which belong to 1 project.
I am now trying to build the TOBE version of these diagrams following the below tutorial:

However, once I reach step 5: “Right click on project root node in the tree on the left hand side and select Model > As-is Process from the popup menu.” I see that my popup menu is incomplete and that the option: As-is process does not exist. Any idea why?
My only options are: New model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model and Deployment Model.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.
Kind regards,

Hi there Laura!

What license do you have? The feature we’re discussing here is only available with the Standard edition and up (according to that same guide), I tried to look this up on the editions page to get some extra confirmation but that didn’t work out.

So is it possible that your license doesn’t support this?

Kind regards, Peter

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Hi LauraValles,

The As-is and To-be Process are designed to work with Standard Edition. But you can still create by select “New Model…” and name it “As-is Process”

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