Dock message pane


I undocked (I don’t know how) the message pane.
How to dock it back at the bottom of the GUI ?

I didn’t find the info inf the documentation (through the index or search engine).


The message pane or the description window? The message window gets triggered by the envelope whereas the description window gets triggered by the form icon.

Reason I ask is because I know how you can undock and dock the description window / pane (it also looks like a pane) but I fail to see how you’d undock the message section, that’s why I wonder if you didn’t mean the small window.

The description window has 2 icons in the top right corner. The cross is used to close it, and the icon next to that is used to dock and undock it.

However… I’m talking about VP 14.2 with the sleek interface, if you’re using the regular interface (default with an older version) then you should be able to dock the floating window by dragging and dropping. Just drag it by the title bar and move it towards the bottom of the screen, you should eventually see an indicator which highlights where the window would be placed.

I hope this can help, if not then maybe you could share a screenshot or mention which version of Visual Paradigm you’re using?

I confirm : the message pane.
I don’t know either how I detached it. And there isn’t title bar to move it, and icon to close/dock it. Just a text area.

I am using VP 14.1.

Hi Oodini,

The message pane’s title bar was hidden, please follow the following steps to dock it to the bottom again:

  1. show any pane (e.g. Diagram Navigator)
  2. drag it to the message pane
  3. drag the title of message pane to the bottom

Thank you a lot !!
It was the trick !