Does instant recverse java to sequence diagram require a specific file hierarchy?

I’ve added multiple possible source folders for my Java project, and no operations are listed for any of the contained classes. My project has an OSGI hierarchy instead of just putting every class into /src. Could that be the issue?



A sequence diagram is mostly build upon classes interacting with each other. So if that doesn’t happen in your setup then this could be a reason why the import doesn’t work. It’s a bit hard to tell without seeing the actual source code.

Hi Jennifer,

Please select root source folder.
I think you have package “org.lorainelab…”, so please select folder:
/home/jenny/Loraine Lab/integrated-genome-browser/core/quickload/src/main/java

No dice
Screenshot from 2017-10-24 21:13:57

Here’s what that module should look like

There’s a few interactions happening in there.

Wait! Got it.

/home/jenny/Loraine Lab/integrated-genome-browser/core/quickload/src/main/java

Was indeed the source folder, I just had to click around a bit more. Thank you so much, this is beautiful!