Export each diagram in a project to a separate word File with Doc.Composer template

Hi guys,

Here is what i have :
1-a lots of business process diagrams in a project (about 1000 diagrams !!!)
2- a Doc.Composer template that extract some information from a business process diagram

Here is what i need :
export each diagram info into a separate word file

Here is what i do already :
Run my template separately for each diagram

Problem :
it is a very time-consuming process because i have to run template separately for each diagram i.e i should do a repetitive process one thousand times !!!

Do you have any idea about how to do this with an automatic approach ?

I’m not fully familiar with the way Visual Paradigm perform exports (yet) but there are a few ways in which I can see this working…

The most easiest solution I can come up with is to assign a keyboard shortcut:

Select the ‘Window’ tab and then click “Application options”, this will open the screen as shown above. Click on ‘keys’ and then simply enter ‘doc’ (without the quotes) into the search bar (see example above). This will show the export option you need.

Click on it, then click on ‘binding’ entry field at the bottom, then click the keyboard combination which you want to use. Be sure that you don’t get any warnings about conflicts. I discovered that control-alt-e should be usable here.

Then click apply, click ok and you’ll probably be asked to restart the program. Afterwards you should be able to start your export using this keyboard combination.

The second option which I can think of is a plugin. However I need to get back to you on that one because although I do know which class I’d need to use (DocumentationManager) I’ll need to check a few things for myself first.

Hope this can help you so far!

Hi ShelLuser,
Thanks for your solution but its not what i’m looking for !!
If you want to learn about Doc.Composer templates please visit the below links :
What is Doc. Composer Template Language

Doc. Composer Writer’s Guide

In the mean time I looked into the whole thing a bit more and it looks as if this procedure can indeed be automated using a plugin. The generateWordDoc() method provides a way to specify an output file as well as a template.

I’m going to set up a test case to see if this actually works.

The article below describe how to automatically generate document for each business process diagram in project with user specified XML template using Open API. You can find the sample plugin and its instructions inside the article.

Best regards,
Rain Wong


Please note that in order to execute this plugin you will need to upgrade your VP Client to v15.0 build 20180415fi or above. Please follow the details below to update your VP client to the patch build to gain this enhancement.

  • Please make sure you have pressed the “Update to latest patch” button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

Hi Rain,
I appreciate your support, this is really what i was looking for.
I will use it for my future needs.
Thank you so much :pray::pray::pray: