Failed to connect server

I’m trying to connect to a previously used team workspace from Visual Paradigm community on Manjaro
When i go to the Select Repository window (or Log In window in the previously used workspace) after inserting the Workspace ID and clicking on Next it fails saying “Failed to connect server.

Searching didn’t help because the problem isn’t related to certificates (as read here or in other places) but it seems not to be related to a connection problem

My vp.log reports

[2020/06/08 20:15:01] [error] v.cdy.a getDataAsString Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: (
[2020/06/08 20:15:01] [error] v.cdy.a getConnection unknown protocol: vponline (WorkspaceID)
[2020/06/08 20:15:01] [error] v.cdy.a - getDataAsInputStream : java.lang.NullPointerException (WorkspaceID)

(With WorkspaceID as the Workspace ID)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your message. According to the log you captured the connection from VP application to VP Online seems being blocked. May I know do you need to use proxy server for access Internet? If yes then would you please try check the Use Proxy checkbox and specify your network proxy and see will it works? Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Rain,
I don’t need nor use any proxy to access the internet and using the browser I can access without any problem
Currently the “Use Proxy” checkbox is disabled
Previously it worked flawlessly without any problem and I think the error appeared after an update
My current version is 16.1 (20200401)
Thanks for the response

I have the same problem, suddenly (not using the SW recently so I cannot connect when it stopped working).
Same problem Error 403 when trying to enter the workspace I have had for ages and protocol “vponline” not registered,

(OSX 10.15.5 , BTW)


Would you please send your details (including your email address for accessing your VP Online workspace) to so that we can help you out?