Feedback on Spanish Translation

Thanks for mailing me to give me this great news, this first phrase that mainly cover the first level user interface is great so far, obviously its only a superficial layer but its well translated, the only exception are the buttons on window dialogues, they show “Ok”, “Cancelar”, “Apply” and “Ayuda”, apply should be “Aplicar”, apart from that everything is nice.

I even noticed that some diagrams have been partially translated, the Business Process for example, some elements that i can add to the diagram are translated, tasks, sub-task and so on.

Great job so far… keep it up, it’ll end up great.

Sorry… hadn’t noticed that i wasn’t logged in the website.

sorry… i forgot, the key missing feature in this and any translation is a local dictionary, it would be great to include it on a near future version :smiley:

if there is anything i can do to help send me a guide of how to do it, i’ll try to make time for it, that’s what communities are there for…

Hi SalasE,

I’m sorry for my late response. I would like to let you know that we updated our Spanish translation, which is available in the following forum topic:

But Spanish spell check is not available in short time, we will consider having it.

We will keep optimizing our Spanish translation, and your feedback will be helpful and important!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong