Find and Replace?

found references to “Find and Replace” in your “changelog” but nowhere else.

This is basic functionality. I want to make my boolean statements consistent (for example) In some I’ve used “X=.t.”, some “X=.T.”, some “X=TRUE”. I want to make them all “X=TRUE” wherever they appear in a project.

Belay that question: found the answer by poking around in the Diagram menu - found the “Search Option” which appears to do exactly what I describe above. Which raises a different question.

Why couldn’t I find that information when I went looking for it?
I don’t post queries on forum like this for the fun of it. I only do it if I can’t find the answer by
a) searching the relevant manual
b) searching the forum for related questions

I know there is no such thing as a perfect manual, but there is something odd about a 49mb user guide with 1647 pages, which doesn’t have an indexed reference to something as basic as “find and replace” (which was my first search effort) or “replace all” (my second) or even (when I went looking for all the refs to “Search” no mention of the relevant Replace option.

I partially agree. When you search for ‘find’ in the manual then it doesn’t give you any results, and that seems off. “search”, as you noted yourself, does.

However, I have to disagree a little on the “find and replace” aspect. Although fully supported I wouldn’t exactly call that a regular feature, not for a modeling environment at least. And the ‘search’ page does mention the advanced option.

But I do agree that some kind of alphabetic overview could be useful.

Hi HarryStottle,

You can start search (Ctrl-F), then click Advanced… at the right of search panel. The replace function is available there.

it’s a whinge I have about ALL manuals in existence. Including those I’ve written myself.

I’ve concluded that they should all be in a private google cloud where we can use hadoop technology to find whatever we’re looking for. That way we don’t require the hapless authors to second guess what readers might look for when they build an index!