Finding unreferenced glossary terms?


I’m not able to figure out how to find glossary terms that are in glossary grid but are not in use. I’d like to clean up the glossary with unused entries.

Can’t find a place to see:

  • where this particular glossary term is being referenced
  • where to see which glossary terms are not being referenced anywhere


This is not how those elements are being used, you should not mistake this for the references as those are being used between different views (the master & auxiliary view of an element).

You can easily see this yourself by creating a new diagram (optionally in its own view, use the project browser (control-shift-b) for that) and then adding elements based on the glossary. So: double click, add a new element and press control-space twice to get an overview of all your glossary terms. When you added a new element go back to your project browser, check the model you used and you’ll notice that no references were being made. Instead you created new model elements.

Another thing which points this way: check the bottom of the “element list” (it’s how I call this) which you brought up by pressing control-space. After you selected the glossary list look closely, you’ll see: “Press control+space to list Elements (for Reuse)” being mentioned.

So: only when you re-use elements will you actually reference them. Glossary terms are not used in this way.

Hope this helps!