Forum suggestion: Documentation & Guides category

First off: I realize like no other that my suggestion could interfere a bit with the Visual Paradigm Know How section but then again: that is ‘VP team territory’ while this is more of a community effort. Of course SEO is an important aspect too (I honestly try to think about what is best for VP here); and your SEO is very solid right now. But I doubt that this can interfere. For example: we can’t add tags to our posts (maybe that could be useful for such a category?).

My main idea is that such a category would make it easier for visitors to separate posts and get a quick overview of posts which were meant as guides and / or to help out others. Also: it can also help out people to filter out those posts which they don’t care for.

Who knows… maybe this could become a new kind of know how section?

Anyway, my suggestion: add a new category, specifically for guides.

Food for thought?

Thanks for reading!


I think this is a good idea and our team is reviewing on it. Please be patient and I’ll keep you post :slight_smile:

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