How to copy a digram to another project?

I have created a project and drawed a digram. Then, I created another project and tried to copy the digram in the first project into new project. I don’t know how to do it. Thanks.

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I’m a beginner myself but did find the answer to this question, by trial and error myself, a couple of weeks back

There’s an “Export” option under the Project menu. It offers various formats. The only one that worked for me (i.e. created a file which, when imported into another project, faithfully recreated the original drawing) was BPMIN2.0.

I’m a little cautious about proffering this advice as I just went in to VP to confirm that and the software is behaving differently to the way it behaved when I successfully exported a drawing (and imported it into a different project).

When I did that, and selected BPMIN option, ALL my drawings appeared as a avalable in the selection box in the lower part of the form. I was then able deselect any I wasn’t looking to export and export just the single drawing I was after.

When I looked at it just now, the only drawings I could see were my few “Business Process” diagrams. None of the others were visible (in this particular project I have about 60 diagrams, most of which are activity diagrams - none of these were available for export)

So it might be that last time I completed a step I’ve forgotten to perform this time, or perhaps the authors have moved the goalposts. But I am faiirly confident that if the drawing you’re seeking to export is available to select in that form, then the BPMIN format will import correctly into your other project.

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Hi, to copy a diagram, you can use XML Export & Import
main menu: Project > Export (or Import) > XML…

you can select your diagram to be exported to XML, and import that XML into your new project.

But I want to know why do you want to copy your diagram?
If you want your original diagram is used as a template, and apply this template and complete it with different content.
I suggest you to use Design Patterns feature.
With Design Patterns feature, you can define a diagram as a ‘pattern’, and save this pattern in your workspace (or shared in your teammate in vpository), and then apply that pattern into any new diagram to complete your different diagram. You can apply the pattern in current or other project(s).

You can know how to Design, and Apply the patterns from the user’s guide:

Hi xflotus,

You can export the diagram to either XML or another Visual Paradigm project:

Exporting XML
Importing XML

Exporting Visual Paradigm Project
Importing Visual Paradigm Project

Using BPMN import/export is a possible option but only Business Process Diagram will be imported/exported. With this option you can also export the data to other softwares that accepts BPMN 2.0 XML.

Exporting BPMN 2.0
Importing BPMN 2.0

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I guess I might as well join the party :wink:

As you can see by the posts on this thread there are many ways to solve this. And I have yet another to suggest: copy and paste.

If you have your diagram open and then select all model elements (copy) then you can paste those into the other project. The downside is of course that this won’t be a full copy: you’d have to create a new diagram in the other project, in which you’d then paste all the model elements.

Hope that this can also give you some ideas.

Hi! I would like to export a business process diagram but can’t find the exporting BPMN 2.0 feature. I do see the exporting XML feature. What am I missing?

Hi Donald,

Are you using Visual Paradigm Community Edition? You need at least the Modeler Edition in order to use the export BPMN 2.0 feature.

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Hi! Yes, I was using the Community Edition. Am working to get an upgrade to the Modeler Edition. Thanks for your reply.

Hi Donald,

You are welcome, and feel free to contact us if you have further enquiries.

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