How to find revision number of currently opened Team work project?

Hi guys,
How can i get the revision number ( or other information like member or Date Time) of the currently opened team work project with OpenAPI ?
Also is it possible to find the list of all last revisions ?
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Any idea after 3 days ???:thinking: :expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

guys im Still waiting for your response …

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Anyway, to my knowledge the OpenAPI cannot communicate nor interact with VP Online just yet, the best you can do is control your current (local) session.

Sorry for the late reply.

I am sorry about that, revision number (etc…) is not supported in OpenAPI now.

But I do not understand what is the “List of all last revision”.
Do you mean the list of changes of Model Element, Diagram, or Shape between revisions?
A list of last-revision-information of all projects?

such a good solution :smile:

I mean this. :point_up_2:
Any way,
Thank you both @peter.wong and @ShelLuser

Thanks, we will support:

  • get all TeamworkProject, which provides: name, revisions, latestRevisionNumber, etc…
  • and, Revision revisionNumber, commit-Member/DateTime/Comment, etc…

We will post here after this feature is supported. Please wait for the news.



Thanks :pray:

Sorry for late reply.

The enhancement is released in current hotfix (Jan, 2019).

Now, you can get the projects by ProjectManager#getTeamworkProject() : ITeamworkProject

ITeamworkProject provides project-name, branch-name, last-revision, list of revisions (ITeamworkProjectRevision).
ITeamworkProjectRevision provides revision number, and the member (who commit this revision) information, includes: member-name, member-email, commit-description, commit-datetime.

Hope this helps.


Thank you
I appreciate your support :pray: