How to link a call behavior action pin with the Activity Parameter Node that it represents

When creating an action that represents a sub-activity via a “call behavior action” input / output pins should correspond the “activity parameter nodes” of the activity it represents.

I have come across suggestion that the “references” functionality can be used to link these to elements so that it is clear what parameter node the input / output pin represents. The only problem is that the “references” icon does not appear when selecting pins.

How is this done in Visual Paradigm?

The modeling tool that I am currently using allows you check which parameter nodes should be visible on the action based not the activity behavior that it is tied to. If parameter node is later deleted then orphaned pins are highlighted as modeling errors. I’m hoping that I can get some similar functionality in Visual Paradigm.

To link model with another model, you can use Transit for it.
By default when we generate Activity from Action the Transit is already created.

This is original activity diagram
Using popup to create Activity
Activity is generated
Transit is already created

About checking Activity Parameter Nodes should visualize on the Action based.
It is not yet available in Visual Paradigm by default.
However, you can develop a Plugin via Open API for this purpose.

Below are some references that can help you to develop the Plugin:

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