How to Map BPMN with User Stories?

I am trying to follow this tutorial to add a user story to BPMN diagram but it is not working for me…when I add the US its status change to Deleted


Am I missing something?

What license do you use? I’m not sure of course but this could be caused by a licensing issue. You’ll need at least a Modeler license to make this work.

User story support can be provided in 2 different ways. Either through local support (so: your Visual Paradigm license grants you access to these features) or through UeXceler (which is somewhat of a “remote support” because it uses VPository).

The easiest way to test this is by saving the project onto your VPository, then try to add a user story again.

Sorry for the problem you experienced.
I think you have done one of below steps:
A. delete user story, reopen project without save.
B. deleted/renamed vux file next to your vpp (or moved vpp file to another location without vux file)

for A
User story data is save immediately.
In other words, even not saving project, user story data are already saved.

for B
User story data is stored in this file (or VPository or VPServer).
If this file lost, all created user stories will identify as deleted.