How to model multiple URIs in REST Services (APIs)

I am using Visual Paradigm version 15.2 (evaluation edition) to model a REST API based platform. So, my need is to model the below:

GET /API/Products/{code} - get details of an individual Product
POST /API/Products - create a new Product

With all the documentation I have seen on this topic, I can model the GET OR POST URIs, but I cannot design / model both within the same REST Service.

I have also tried creating two REST Services called Products and model the GET API in one and the POST API in the other, but that is also not possible (because I am trying to create two REST Services with the same name).

I hope I have overlooked some simple feature. Appreciate your help.

Disclaimer: I know my way around Visual Paradigm but my experience with REST is limited. Still, we’ll see where this goes :wink:

Now, I’m assuming you followed this tutorial:

… and therefor you’re using a class diagram for all this. And I think to see where things are going wrong.

VP 15.2 names the model a REST service but, as you can also see in the preview above, I think you should actually consider it a single REST resource, the service is basically displayed by the entire diagram.

One resource handles the POST action whereas the other handles the GET.

hi ShelLuser,

Thanks for our response. Yes, I have read the tutorial. What I am looking to do is understand how to create the “Pet” class as in the example shown in Here, Pet provides many services such as POST - add a pet to the pet store and PUT - update an existing Pet. My question is, how do I implement this in VP?

Many thanks

Hi Rana,

You should model each req/rsp method (REST Service) vp%20product as you can see in the image uploaded.

In the REST Name and OperationID use the same name (createProduct & readProduct)
In the path (URI) use /product

then VP will generate both method for the same path without any trouble.

Unfortunatelly, in VP you cannot define tags.

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