How to specify static attributes


I am trying to specify that a particular attribute is a static attribute. I know that according to UML specification, static attributes/operations should be underlined in the class diagram, but I cannot figure out how to do this. I cannot underline an attribute using the “Format”–> “Font” option, and I cannot do this from the “Class Specification” dialogue box either.

I am using VPUML Standard Edition.



Hi Kelvin,

To set an attribute to static, open the “Attribute Specification” dialog box of the attribute, and then set the “Scope” field to “classifier”.

To invoke the “Attribute Specification” dialog box, there are two methods:

  1. Open the “Class Specification” dialog box, select the “Attributes” page and select the attribute on the table, then click “Open Specification…”.

  2. Click to select the attribute in the class diagram (so that it is highlighted), then press the hot key Alt-Enter.


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Thanks Antony. Got it!

Hi, My question is - Static Class - how to show it? Cause I cant see a Classifier for that … btw… it’s been almost 14 years ! :slight_smile:

Well, you normally don’t. It’s not something specifically supported by the UML specification. A common practice by some users is to use a note which indicates that the class is static. But normally only a class members are denoted as being static or instances.

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