How to uninstall VP from Ubuntu 18.04?

How can I unistall it completely from my ubuntu system?

Sorry to hear you’re not happy with VP. If you don’t mind me asking, is there anything in specific which you don’t like?

To answer your question: it heavily depends on how you installed it. If you got the installer (or software) from the website then it got most likely installed to /usr/local or your own home directory. Check for a directory called “Visual_Paradigm_15.0” and simply remove this.

Then check your homedirectory for a directory called “VisualParadigm” (default name). This will contain your so called workspace as well as several data files which Visual Paradigm uses (license files, log files, etc.). If you want to save some of your Visual Paradigm projects then this is where you’ll find them (most likely: ~/VisualParadigm/ws/VPProjects).

If you’re fully sure about not needing to save any data then also remove this directory ("~/VisualParadigm").

After that the software should be completely removed from your system.

Also… Although not supported by Visual Paradigm itself (to my knowledge anyway, I could be wrong!) you may also want to check that the software didn’t got installed through a regular .deb package.

So: dpkg-query -l ‘Visual*’. This will show you if you have any packages installed which name(s) begin with ‘Visual’. If so then simply use ‘dpkg’ to remove those. For example: “dpkg -r [package name]”.

Hope this can help!