Inconsistencies in Glossary recognition, access

1 We can add a Column Name in an Entity to the Glossary Terms and it will duly appear as a link in the Entity table, but we can’t “CTRL CLICK” from that link to go to the Glossary entry

2 I am seeing inconsistent behaviour in recognising glossary terms.

For example, I have a glossary term for SALT and wanted to create another for DAY_SALT. I could not get it to recognise the new term. It merely kept identifying the part it did recognise (SALT) and ignoring the DAY_.

For reasons I do not understand, it did accept DAY_E_SALT.

Yet it has no trouble distinguishing between


I don’t quite understand this issue. When I add a new column to my glossary (“custom property column”) it does not appear as a link anywhere.

You mentioned entity: which entity are you referring to?

I couldn’t reproduce this problem, but I did see what you’re referring to. If you select the new term and right click then 2 things can happen… While hovering the mouse over the already added part then you’ll only get the option “Open glossary term” when right clicking.

But if the mouse is over the new part then you can simply add the selected text to your glossary without any problems (“Add as glossary term”).

I can’t spot any inconsistency here because this always happens. So: don’t hover the mouse over the already added part and you should have no problems.

Greetings Shell

I don’t quite understand this issue. When I add a new column to my glossary (“custom property column”)
it does not appear as a link anywhere.
You mentioned entity: which entity are you referring to?

let’s start with the last. The entity is a table in an Entity Relationship diagram. Basically I’m defining some of the tables we’ll be using in the project. Entities in that context are tables.

So I’ve added a new field to the table (=column)
I want to add a definition matching the field name to the glossary.

It cooperates. I can select the field name and right click to get the option to add the new term to the Glossary, which I do. It then underlines the field name as a link because it now recognises it has an entry in the glossary.

All good so far.

But unlike everywhere else I’ve explored so far in VP, and even though it offered the “Ctrl + Click to open” on hover, ctrl+click had no effect.

Now, as indicated in a recent post, I’m getting used to some latency within VP; i.e. a significant lag between our intent and VP’s response to instruction, but this behaviour persisted for more than an hour while I was trying different ways to work around the problem.

But guess what. It is now co-operating again and Ctrl+Click is working even from the ERD. So really this post is another example of the latency problems I’m seeing.

If I had ONLY been concerned about VP behaviour it would have occurred to me that I should have tried ctrl clicking on another field which had already been define (days ago) in the glossary. I would then have spotted that the issue wasn’t with ctrl-click, but latency, but I was actually focussed on the need for definition and couldn’t spare the time or energy to go VP testing.

But if the mouse is over the new part then you can simply add the selected text to your glossary without any
problems (“Add as glossary term”).

I think you’re describing a different issue. I’m not too concerned about partial highlighting of terms which contain a glossary term. They need to add “space recognition” to their code for that but that’ll happen in the fullness of time.

I’m talking about the intermittent inability to create a new term from a word pair or phrase which happens to include a glossary term and, as my example illustrates, it is inconsistent. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

hang on…


I’m beginning to see the pattern here.

Just went back into the glossary and changed DAY_E_SALT to DAY_SALT. Found and replaced all refs to DAY_E_SALT with DAY_SALT and, you guessed it, that problem has also gone away. DAY_SALT is now recognised as an independent term. So that’s two additions to the Latency pile…

So the VP behaviour isn’t the problem. If you have any ideas about the latency problem, I’m eager to hear them!

Now I get it, and yups, I can reproduce this behaviour:


It doesn’t fully show but I added “CASE” and “Experience” to the glossary and the first can be clicked on by hovering your mouse over it but not the latter. However, if you select the entity (by clicking on it once) and then hover your mouse it will show the “control-click” hint (and also allows for control-clicking).

No, I understood that part.

But when testing this I noticed that the behaviour heavily depends on the location of your mouse cursor. So: the position where you right click.


If I select EYE_CANDY by double clicking on it and then right click while my mouse cursor is near the right side of the Use Case I get a prompt which allows me to open the glossary term. But if I right click on the left side of the Use Case it will allow me to add the term to the glossary. As a whole.

That’s why I’m wondering if this could be related. At least this is what I can reproduce with testing.

I can’t comment on the latency issues because I haven’t experienced those much myself. Sometimes I have noticed a little delay between opening (new) diagrams but not to the extends you’re describing.

One thing which might help is to close diagrams which you’re not currently using. You can do that by using control-tab to open the overview of currently loaded / active diagrams, then clicking on one to select it which will show you the close button:

Here I selected the project glossary and you can see the X (close button) in the top right corner. If you have many open diagrams then this may help to reduce a bit of overhead on your project.

Of course it is advised to only do this for diagrams you’re not working on. Otherwise you might experience a little delay when opening them (the diagrams which are being displayed as kept in active memory).

Hope this can help.

Hi, I try to repeat the problem, but no problem found.

as following image:

may you try to confirm the term is really named “DAY_SALT”,
or your entity is really typed “DAY_SALT” ?

Sorry, Harry, I misread your meaning.

You are talking about Column of Entity.
and your problem is CTRL-CLICK on the column name cannot open the term. (not talking about the term is not highlighted).

In order to click on the column, you need to click one time on the entity first. (for select the entity)
and then you can click on any column of this entity. So, you also can CTRL-CLICK on the column name to open the term.

Shell, greetings

I think we’re still talking about different issues but in any case both our descriptions are irrelevant as it is clearly a latency issue, not a VP design or behaviour issue.

On the question of closing excess diagrams, I rarely have more than one open at a time anyway and, in any case, I’d be very surprised if multiple open windows was an issue on a machine with 24 Gb of RAM and SSD for the workspace drive.

Something is fundamentally wrong with the setup so I’m now looking for clues on that.

Peter, hello

you’ve missed the point that the behaviour went away after about an hour.

As I’ve just said to Shelluser, I’m now looking for clues on the latency issue.

On about half a dozen different issues I’ve posted questions about VP behaviour, only to find that, after a few minutes (max about 60) the problem disappears and behaviour returns to what I expect.

These are symptoms of a cacheing issue or something deep within either your or my setup.

To whom can I address such questions?

Sorry for late reply.

As I know, there is no cache used for recognizing glossary terms.

Sorry, I want to identify the problem first, you found it has problem on:
A. CTRL-CLICK on the highlighted DAY_SALT word, cannot open the term
B. DAY_SALT is not highlighted

Isn’t ‘A’ only? :thinking:

non issue, don’t waste your time on it.

Think I’ve discovered the root of this and my other latency issues.

When I set the software up for collaboration, I was unable to use your Vrepository because it doesn’t meet our security requirements, so I used Sync instead. VP advised me that there were problems using things like Dropbox because it has a tendency to modify files. I assured them that sync doesn’t do that (can’t because it is genuinely secure so that even they cannot touch anything in our secure space)

However, while sync doesn’t modify anything, it is, as the name suggests, constantly trying to synchronise whatever is changing in your local folders and it is this constant synchronisation effort which causes the latency I was experiencing. So I now use sync purely to store the results of my efforts (and my colleagues) and do all the actual work “offline” in the VP default folder. As a result, the VP is now responding as fast as I’d expect with my hardware.

And it’s made problems like the inability to update glossary terms in real time disappear.