Instance specification without underline

Hi there,

I’m quite new to VP UML modeling and I have a Question somebody might be able to answer, because the search function wasn’t :slight_smile:

I’ve created a Block Definition Diagram with several Instance Specification items, and now I have the problem that the Name written there is underlined

like this. Is there a setting somewhere to remove the underline? Because I have found none :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Why do you consider this a problem?

The Block Definition Diagram is one of the SysML extensions to UML, but SysML also has a clear specification (which you can download here) which more or less determines how the elements should be formatted. If you check section 8.2 of that specification you’ll see that this is exactly how an instance specification should be drawn.

So I don’t think you can change this, simply because that would basically invalidate your diagram.

The only way to work around this that I can think of is to use another model element (from another diagram type for example).

I have the same question. It might be a standard representation for users of VP, but it looks bad when exporting and showing a diagram to an external audience.

How can it look bad if the representation is exactly what the official SysML specification dictates?

I can’t help but wonder if you might want to use a different diagram type, or (as mentioned in my original response): maybe substitute the model element with that of another diagram.

An important part of using a specific diagram is making sure that it is set up according to the official standards.