Intermittent Bug in Glossary Description Error

Irritating bug in the Glossary description editor, not least because it is intermittent so I can’t, for example, provide a clear guide to how to reproduce the problem.

When it strikes, it looks like this:
on entry to a populated description, everythng is fine. The cursor appears exactly where it should be. However, make an amendment such as deleting a character and suddenly the cursor appears what looks like 2 characters to the right, though - even more confusingly - the actual insertion point moves just one character to the right.

Makes editing a nightmare. Only solution so far seems to be close VP and reopen.

Is that just me?

If so, any suggestions on troubleshooting?

If not, is there a fix?

Hi Harry,

Can you reproduce the problem in other description editor? e.g. open specification’s description editor.
And can you provide more details?

  • screenshot
  • operating system, system language

tried a couple of times over the weekend. It’s almost like quantum mechanics. As soon as I try to capture the observations, they disappear. Even set up Wink to capture an entire session (which I can then edit). Naturally that session performed perfectly.

One clue/associated behaviour.

I have noticed that, as my project grows (currently 7.7 mb), VP is becoming decidely sluggish. This gets worse the longer a session I’m involved with. This is unexpected. Mine is a pretty potent workstation. i7, 24 gb RAM, SSD drive for the workspace, over 20 Tb storage space, reasonable graphics cards (2, with 3 monitors) etc. All of which is because I’ve been a power user for decades. Nothing else I use has to struggle like VP appears to.

By struggle I mean things like latency when hovering (before tooltips appear) or delays in responding to clicks. or difficulty in clicking and dragging objects (because it sometimes takes 3-5 seconds before the grab points will activate etc etc). It is during these periods that the editing glitch also appears.

Are there some cache settings or similar I could tweak to get it a bit more responsive?

Would you mind sending us the project file and link to this post ( to
You may anonymize your project file by project anonymous tool:

It is protected IP so I’ll take a good look at your “Project Anonymiser” and consider that option.

Visual Paradigm utilizes a very specific Privacy Statement, I’d like to specifically point out the section regarding Security of Personal Data.

For what it’s worth I’m convinced that you don’t have anything to worry about here.