Is there any convenient way to use stl template class (data types) in UML class diagram?

In other UML tools like Astah, there is a predeployed std c++ project which contains all the std classes, so we can import those types. but in visual paradigm i didn’t find it , must i modeling std c++ classes by myself?

thanks in advance

Well, there is some good news and some bad news (pardon the pun). Visual Paradigm also provides several templates which you can use to help you start your own diagrams. As per Visual Paradigm 15.1 you can select a template to help you get started when creating a new diagram:

You can also use the ‘Community Circle’ option instead, it’s on the ‘Project’ menu:

Unfortunately these examples don’t include an STD C++ project. All these templates were made by the community and to be used for the community.