Java question


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I know, a rather late reaction and most likely a not too interesting topic.

Still, might be nice to help keep these forums alive and going somewhat and I feel like writing a bit :wink:

An applet is basically a java program which is executed by your browser and runs on the clients PC. So basically a website can implement an applet, you goto that website and then your browser will download and execute the applet code.

A servlet is also a java program but in a way totally the opposite of an applet. It runs within a Java container, more easily described as a Java application server.

For more information on applets I’d suggest the Applet lesson[/url] which can be found on Sun’s Java tutorial. Servlets are fully covered in Sun’s Java Enterprise tutorial (Java EE). To be more specific; [url=“”]chapter 4 of the web tier section covers it.

Here’s some of the best Java tutorials to help you out.