Lost Diagrams on New Install


I had a large VP project on my PC and about a month ago I switched to a laptop. I installed a VP on my laptop (initially as a trial as I Was still running my old PC). I added about 9 or 10 diagrams to my project (but I can’t remember now whether this was on my old PC or on the laptop). Earlier today I uninstalled VP From my PC and transferred the licence to my laptop. Now however, when I look at my project, only 2 diagrams are displayed and referenced projects are missing.

Any idea what has gone wrong? Not now sure whether 1) although I transferred over my project files I also need to transfer over other things? or 2) the licence is restricting me from viewing referenced projects and limiting the number of diagrams. I bought a perpetual Modeller licence btw

Many thanks!

First of all: welcome to the forums and nice choice to go Modeler. I’ve had a Modeler license for years now and I think it’s seriously worth it.

I’m not sure but I do have a good idea what could have happened.

First of all: the amount of supported features differs per license. The trial / evaluation lets you test things using the Enterprise features whereas Modeler has significant less features in direct comparison to Enterprise. So it is definitely possible that some things may no longer be available right now. However… If you open a VP project using a “lower tiered” edition than the original (so, for example, from Professional to Modeler) then the lower tier will be able to access the whole project, but some of the diagrams which it doesn’t support can only be accessed in readonly mode (so “viewing only”).

As to your problem: you mentioned referenced projects. Did you actually add project references? So: “linked” 2 projects together?

This is actually a feature of VP Standard edition and up, but it is not supported by the Modeler edition. So if you did indeed reference (or “link”) other projects during your trial then this would explain why that no longer works: because this option isn’t available anymore.

Your best option as far as I see it is to open the projects individually.

I hope this can help!