Merging versions of UML diagrams

Hello Guys !!

Can someone help me out in merging two versions of a use case diagram. I’m talking about merging two XML (exported by the visual paradigm tool) files. The XML file contains lot of information about the project and different components of use case diagram. I can’t understand which information should I retain or skip.
Suggest the solution please.

Why start messing with XML in the first place? VP has provided options to re-use and copy/paste sections of your diagrams for quite a while now.

Just open both diagrams (maybe even create a new 3rd blank one) and then select & copy the elements which you want to re-use. You can even copy the whole diagram minus a few elements if you so desire. This might work best for you because it’ll allow you to switch back and forth between the original and the new copy you’re creating.

Then simply copy elements from both diagrams into the new one until you have everything merged, save your project and optionally remove the previous 2 Use cases.

That’s how I would do this.