Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

It is Christmas eve and therefor I felt like sharing some of that with all of you. What a year it has been, also for Visual Paradigm. A lot happened in the past year and we got many new and interesting features which were added to the program.

For example, I can still remember my enthusiasm when I discovered how VPository basically allowed me to use certain project management features even though I was using the Modeler edition back then which doesn’t support any of these. That’s a big deal in my opinion because the overall functionality heavily expanded for me.

And we also got this wonderful new forum. I enjoyed the previous one, but this is so much better. Also because it allows us to communicate and interact so much easier.

So using that I’d like to wish all of you, the Visual Paradigm community as I’d like to call it, a wonderful Holiday season! I hope you’re going to have a great time with your families or on your own.

Kind regards,



Hi Peter, thank you very much! it’s good to know you’ve been enjoying using Visual Paradigm products and the new forum, I hope everyone in the VP community would feel the same too. Wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year! :blush:

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Happy New Year 2018, Folks!