Model-to-Model transformations

I have such problem:
My system uses 2 programming languages: client side C#, server side Java.
I developed domain model in UMl language.
I need to generate Java and C# code from this model.
But Java and C# classes have some differences: different types, different operations.
Probably I must have 3 models to do this: UML language model, C# model and Java model.
How can I genereate C# model and Java model from UML model?
How can I synchronize these models?
(for example, I want to add new Association in “UML language” model and automatically receive such association in C# and Java models)
How can I set Nullable attribute type in UML model to receive Nullable type in C# and Java Models?
(for example, for nullable attribute type “int” in UML model I want to receive type “Integer” in Java model and type “int?” in C# model).

I used IBM Rational Software Architect, and I liked IBM realization of model-to-model transformations. Is there any similar one in Visual Paradigm?

Hi Renat,

Thanks for your post. We are sorry that we do not support model-to-model transformation as you need, but we have a similar data structure called transitor, but not support automatic transformation. We are open to add this feature, would you mind to give an example of transformation you want and we may add this feature in coming release (VP Suite 4.1 SP1)? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

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Model Baggage is a feature that considered as model transformation , could u please give me additional information or tutorial of using this feautre


Fist: keep in mind that you’re responding to a thread which is 7 years old. It’s not a problem, don’t pick up my message in the wrong way, but the reason I mention this is because a lot of things can (and will) have changed over the years. Visual Paradigm is a rather “dynamic” application (meaning: it’s constantly being developed and improved).

Now, my VP version doesn’t support these features, but I looked them up for you. I think you’re specifically referring to the Advanced Model Management toolset, these provide tools such as the Extractor and Transistor. Features which are supported by the Standard license and up.

All these features are explained in the Visual Paradigm user guide, also accessible online as you can see. I believe that the section you’re looking for is: XI Advanced modeling toolset; this explains the model transistor which was mentioned above.

I hope this can help you.

Hi enaam221,

We have prepared a video that demonstrates the use of model baggage in transforming an ArchiMate Diagram into UML Use Case Diagram. You can apply the same technique on other diagrams.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung