New Copy & Paste a diagram (or Part of it) directly to Microsoft Office i,e Word in Visual Paradigm Online

It has been sometime, as a loyal customer, suggest for copy of diagram directly to Microsoft Office such as Word. I was suggested to install the office plugin, but for me, I am longing to have such a feature for long time!

Now it is available. I think it is quite essential and convenience. It is a one of the most high frequently used operation for me personally.

Best of all it support partially copy and paste a selected group of shapes or region of the diagram. Before you might have to either use addon or save as a local file and open it and then copy and paste!


Interesting feature, but yeah, this is one of those examples why I fully rely on the desktop version, it’s easier to use and easier to interact. In my opinion obviously of course…

On the desktop you simply select all the model elements, right click on one of them and well, see screenshot. Paste into Word, and done :wink:

Word has definitely come a long way here; I still recall the versions where simpyl pasting something was totally impossible :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!