"Open Specification" Window not appearing


I have one problem.

When I right-click on a component or whatever in a drawing and then select “Open specification” then no window is appearing.
At first I thought that VisualParadigm did crash, because I can’t click on any button or menu inside the program anymore.
But then I realized, that by clicking the “Esc” button on my keyboard, everything works again, but I can’t open that Window where the specification and all the tagged values, … are.

It is strange, because at some time it did work.
I thought it might be, because at once I worked with dual screen. But I have restarted my WindowsXP OS, and not working.

I even installed the evaluation copy on another machine, and strangely the same happens…

I would be glad for some help

Problem solved.

I needed to delete the folders “.seprefdata” and “.vpprefdata” in the Workplace-folder.

Now it works again.

Hi nfinity,

The problems look unusual… Do you encounter the same problem since you’ve deleted the two mentioned files?

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I have meet the same problem, but I didn’t find any file end with “.seprefdata” or “.vpprefdata” in my project folder.
Except for the first type components like “class, interface”, other components can work well.

Yah deleting those folders (and files) wouldn’t exactly solve this problem I think. Assuming you’re still facing this problem I can’t help but wonder which diagrams this involves? When does this happen?

Specifically I’m wondering if this could be an issue with web based diagrams vs. the regular ones.

In original post, Open Specification window shown outside screen.
It may caused by multiple screens environment.
The solution is reset workspace.
Workspace by default is {User.Home}/VisualParadigm/ws

However, your case may not be the same.
Would you provide more information?
Q1. Which type of model or diagram have the problem?
Q2. Is there any exception when Open Specification?
Q3. After Open Specification does Visual Paradigm freeze or not response?

Thank you for using Visual Paradigm.

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