Opt fragment type in sequence diagram?

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I’m currently in the process of setting up a sequence diagram but I’m a little stuck. It seems that SDE supports some fragment types but I was unable to spot the “opt” type. I did find the “alt” type which basically portraits an if … then … else … situation but right now I’m looking to add a mere optional part in my diagram. So, an “opt” fragment type with no further “else” conditions.

I was kinda hoping that the “frame” element would allow me to define an opt frame but that isn’t going to work out :wink:

So my question basically is if its possible to setup an opt frame right now. And if thats not the case if its possible to add this functionality somehow ?

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Peter Looyenga

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Hi Peter Looyenga,

Thanks for your post. You can right-click on created “alt” fragment and select Operator Kind > opt in the popup menu. Operator Kind can be selected in fragment’s specification dialog as well.

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Lilian Wong


voilaa… thanks so much. even I was thinking hw to make out the opt in visual paradigm… :slight_smile:

hi! same question but to use on the online version. I cant see that option by right clicking…

With loop elements the same happens, i dont find them. Is there any complete tutorial of the online version for sequence diagrams?

Hi Fiorella,

It is available in the Format Panel upon selecting the combined fragment:

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Here is a video showing how a simple sequence diagram is drawn using VP Online:

You can find many more videos for VP Online in our YouTube channel:

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