Problem with visual paradigm - lag or something else?

I have problem with opening files in visual paradigm, how to solve this?
I have 8gb ram and i5 laptop. And i set up max usage of ram 4gb, and this file has only once use case diagram.

This is definitely not a memory problem. Visual Paradigm is actually quite mild when it comes to memory usage, even if my project references other projects (a feature with the standard edition). If you have a Java Developers Kit (“JDK”) installed you can easily test this for yourself, just run jvisualvm and analyze the Visual Paradigm process.

Considering the mixed display (so your diagram combined with the start screen) I’m more tempted to blame video drivers and/or video performance in general. So my advice would be to check if your laptop has the latest drivers installed for your videocard.

PS (edit): I couldn’t help suddenly notice the red icon at the bottom of your screen: does the message pane actually mention anything useful? Another thing which you could try is check your logfile. Go to %appdata%\VisualParadigm, there you’ll find a file called vp.log. You could check it that mentions anything useful.

Hi Amar,

I agree with ShelLuser that you should first check the vp.log file, it looks like that there was exception thrown when opening the project.

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