Project Publisher - links to Glossary Items?


The Project Publisher does a good job of exporting an entire project to an html structure.
The elements which contain sub diagrams let me link to them as I would expect.

The Glossary Items show up LOOKING LIKE links as they do inside VPP but clicking on the links in the html structure does not behave the same way as within VPP.

Inside VPP, clicking on a glossary item takes you straight to the glossary explanation.

That’s exactly what I want in the html version. Instead it takes me to a page summarising the Element containing the glossary term, rather than the glossary itself.

I’ve looked at some of the html pages and what appears to be happening is that the html generates an image of the relevant diagram, then places dynamic links corresponding to the positions of the elements on the image, which is clever stuff, but it doesn’t drill down to the content of the element (to find such things as the glossary items within. And of course, this leads potential readers to see what looks like links but aren’t really.

Is there a solution to this or are we required to rejig the pages in an html editor to insert the missing links?

and - if we are forced to insert our own links - where can we retrieve the link ids for individual glossary items and how would be export the glossary itself to a location in the html tree where we could access the individual items?


As clicking on glossary item, is it really showing “a page summarising the Element containing the glossary term”, is better than showing “the glossary itself” ?

In fact, I click on link is going to get the detail about the glossary.


and are your glossary terms contained within an element?

If so, it suggests an issue with the advanced settings on the Project Publisher.
For example I’ve already found that you have a choice as to whether clicking on an element takes you to a sub diagram or to a reference. Is there another which determines whether Glossary links are treated as links to the Glossary?


Thanks for you suggestion.

I am sorry about that, in the past (version 13.2 or before), we opened glossary term in glossary diagram (summary of glossary).
But we changed this behavior to be opening details of that term (from version 14.0).

I think we will support an option to let you decide opening summary/details of the term(s).
I will post the news here when we supported it.
Thanks :wink:


well that’ll be useful. Right now we’re paying a web designer to crawl through the html repairing the missing links! And every time we update the project, he’s going to have to repeat the process and we’re going to have to pay him again!


Hi Harry,

I would like to let you know our engineers enhanced the software which now support specify the behavior on navigation of glossary term in published document. Please update the software to latest patch build (v14.2 sp1_20171215bd or later) to get this enhancement. Details about update to latest patch can be found at

  • Please make sure you have pressed the “Update to latest patch” button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

After update to patch you can specify the behavior under Advanced Options > Jump to glossary grid from highlighted glossary term in Project Publisher.


Feel free to contact me if you require any further information and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong


Potentially excellent news Rain, but we appear to have a problem with the patch updater.

After running the patch update, it went through all the motions of downloading a couple of hundred Mb of patch files and appeared to install them, but when I checked the version, it’s still showing
14.2 (BUILD SP1_20171215AX)

And the “Jump” option has not appeared in my advanced options.

Ran the patch updater again and it says "you are runniing the latest patch. No need to update.

and just to confuse matters further, I have checked the files in the Lib folder and five of them have been updated today. (vpserver.jar, vpplatform.jar, lib02.jar, lib01.jar and ant.jar)



could be my bad. Don’t think I followed the instructions closely enough. Just treid again and, this time read the info.

Couldn’t have clicked the “Patch” button, on the left and, instead, ran a normal update. It obviously download something so I must have been a general patch behind.

How do I reset the system to allow me to download the special patch?


hmmm… not as guilty as I thought

I’ve just used Rollback to revert my VP to 20171215am

Ran the patch updater again and, as you can see from this screengrab

the only option avaliable IS the standard update that will take me to the version it did yesterday (20171215ax)

The Update to latest patch button is clearly inactive.

Should I repeat the standard update, or await further advice?

late news. Just experimentally clicked the “Configure Update Source” button
and this came up:

and, as you can see, the “Update to latest patch” button became active. Clicked on it, and found myself back at the previous screen only offering the update to version “ax” instead of “bd”



Please try update to patch build again and this time should bring you to sp1_20171215bf which contain the enhancement.

Best regards,
Rain Wong


OK, neither the “Update to Latest Patch” nor the bf version were available but I did notice that the default update was now “bi” and guessed that it would include anything in bf. So I applied that patch and the “jump” option is now available.

So then I republished the project and checked out the links. It is not jumping to the glossary. And if I click on the box (avoiding the link) it now no longer jumps to a linked drawing (if there is one).

I’ll play about with it some more to see if I’m missing something but first impression is that it’s actually made things worse than they were. (although, of course, I can always disable the jump option and get back to square one - haven’t tested that yet)

More later…


Hi, I just tested on ‘bi’, the ‘jump to Glossary GRID’ option seems has no problem.

PS: the option is “Jump to Glossary GRID”.
If you misread that is “Jump to Glossary”, and so, you turned it off. Then it will become Jump to Glossary

If you really misread, that should be my problem, that I named it “Jump to Glossary Grid”.
perhaps, I should name it “Open Glossary Grid”. :thinking:


still haven’t had a chance to fully test it. I can live with jumping to the grid as long as it does so leaving us on the right entry (which it seems to so far)

Two things have been obvious in the brief look I’ve taken.
1 where a box has multiple glossary refs, clicking only deals with the first one, so they’re obviously not behaving like links

2 where there is a linked drawing - even from an object with no glossary ref - clicking it no longer opens up the linked drawing, although we can click bottom left or right and choose a destination from the popup.

More after Xmas

Have a good un


Have now had time to test it fairly thoroughly.

Sadly, this implementation is next to useless.

What is required in any half decent web design, when you click on a glossary link, is for a small (but expandable) window to pop up with the relevant glossary text in it (and the ability to navigate directly to other glossary entries from within that popup window, if the initial entry includes other linked references)

In addition, each object on a drawing may have multiple glossary entries and multiple references to other drawings and ALL of those need to work as well in the html as they do within VP itself.

Anything less is frankly useless as it entails a huge amount of effort to “fix” the html to make it presentable.

Now I realise that I may be expecting too much (at least in one bite) as I have some idea of how complex it would be to get the html output to work like that, so I suggest a compromise which will at least speed up the manual fix.

i.e. in the html output, don’t waste your/our time with ugly links like we now have to the entire glossary grid in a ridiculously small font and no (or unpredictable) text wrapping. Instead, just include in the code an absolute reference (to drawing or glossary entry) such that a competent web designer can write a template to present the links as required, just by pasting the absolute reference in. That would reduce the effort on your part and ours.

Make sense?