Sequence diagram : help to rearrange activity bars


I made an error in a sequence diagram : I continue on a activity bar, whereas I sould have came back to the parent bar. The problem is that I made a lot of work above this error.

I don’t succeed to “move” this content in the parent bar. When I try to drag this content below the bottom limit, it moves with its content. I also try cut & copy, but woithout any success…

Hi Oodini, do you mean problem shown in screenshot?


Hi Oodini,
I just try to use the following steps can reset the message’s from/to lifeline.

This method works, because Text Editor have not handle child-activation when switching From/To lifeline.
so, the child-activation is deleted once no message connecting with it.


Sorry for the delay.

Suppose I initially made the diagram on the left.
Later, I realize that the call to bar() shhould have been emitthed from the first action bar.
I don’t succeed to modify the first diagram (Obiwan, on the left) so that it is as the the one on the right (Kenobi).

Here, the diagram is simple, but mine is very complicated, with a depth of 5 or 6 levels. It would be very painful to start it again from the start.

Thanks for help.


We wrote a plugin to reset the recursive messages to be self messages for your case.


Sorry for the delay too, spent some time on implementing this plugin… :sweat_smile:

You can follow the user guide, to select “Install from a zip of plugin” and “Next…” to install this plugin

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First of all, thank you for carrying your customers needs.

Nevertheless, after your plug-in installation, I cannot make appear the item in the menu.
and I’m not sure it would solve my problem.

My problem is I’d like to “extract” bar() from the second level to put it on the first level. And in my specific case, all the calls below…

Hi Ondini,

I would like to let you know our engineers had enhanced the software which now having a special function to move the message from current activation to parent activation. Please update the software to latest patch build (sp1_20171215bs or later) to get this enhancement. Details about update to latest patch can be found at

  • Please make sure you have pressed the “Update to latest patch” button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

After update to latest patch you can right click on the recursive message and select Move to Parent Activation to move it to parent.

Feel free to contact me for any help and may the force be with you!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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Sorry to butt into this but this is a pretty cool feature Rain! Thanks!

Hello Rain,

Thanks for the effort you make to solve my problem.
I am sorry, but I read this thread update only yesterday…

As I don’t see in your message any link to an update file, I just ran the normal update process.
So the release I use is now VP 14.1 Build sp1_20180101.

But I don’t succeed to get the “Move to Parent Activation” item in the pop-up menu…

Hi Oodini,

Currently this enhancement is only available in v14.2 SP1. Would you please send your license key so that we can lookup your license record and see did your license entitle the upgrade to v14.2?

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Oodini,

Thank you for sending us your license key. By my record your license do entitle the upgrade to v14.2. You can simply run the Visual Paradigm Update to update your software to v14.2. After that perform update to latest patch again to get this enhancement. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi! (if necrobumping this thread is not ok, I will create a new one)

(Edit: I am on version 12.2, which seems quite old, so maybe in a recent version the functionality I search for is easily available. For reference the solution in a recent version would be nice, too, even though I understand that it might not apply to 12.2).

I think I have the converse problem. Somehow, after (edit:) deleting a nested self-message further down in the diagram, the numbering in the upper parts got mixed up. Precisely, the self-messages are not numbered according to their nesting level, but to some parent numbering, altough the arrows look like everything is right. But moving the nested (but not correctly numbered) messages out of the nesting block, they actually act as they were on a parent level, and moving them back in they now keep being connected to the parent activity, not the nested one. Also, “resize-to-fit” of the nested activity shrinks it to its minimum size, leaving the wrongly numbered self message arrows strangely shifted to the right, as if there was that invisible nested activity they were coming from and pointing to.

Here are pictures of the wrong numbering, and of the shifted self messages after “resize-to-fit” on the nested activity (mixed into one picture due to upload restrictions):

Is there a way to move them back into the nested activity? Due to an unfortunate mix of an unconscious reflex of pressing “Ctrl-S” while trying to repair it, and the “undo” functionality crashing, I only have an older backup of the file.

Thank you for your time,