Simulation restriction

I want to know how many simulation process can run at a time in Visual Paradigm and how it simulate the resources

I think you may be confusing VP’s functionality because it does not execute nor simulate processes. Its main functionality is that of a modeling tool: so to create diagrams (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.) which can then be used to either visualize specific information (business processes, software functionality, database design, project management, etc.) or as a starting point for your code (or development project).

For example by setting up a class diagram and then producing code based on said class diagram. The opposite is also possible: generating diagrams based on existing code. And more, VP even supports full project management.

But that’s about it, VP itself does not execute nor simulate processes.

Now, I’ve been looking around a bit on Youtube but couldn’t really find much videos which give a bit of an introduction (or overview) about Visual Paradigm, but even so I hope that this video can at least give you a good impression of the things you’d normally do with Visual Paradigm:

Hope this helps!

But be sure to ask if you got more questions.

Thank you for your answer. But I searched and watched the tutorials about simulation and visual paradigm was used in those tutorials. Now I want to know about limitations