Some ideas for the Overview diagram

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on a rather big (hobby based) game project where I’m using Visual Paradigm to keep track of all the mechanics which we’re developing / designing. The project evolves around case studies, test designs and I just finished on the first (beta) implementation model.

Because it’s getting pretty big I decided to add an overview diagram, however… I think some things could be a little more intuitive…

Suggestion: Make it more obvious that the ‘overview options’ create new diagrams.

When I hover my mouse over the ‘Use Case diagram overview’ this is the help popup: “Use Case Diagram Overview - a linked thumbnail of a specific Use Case Diagram”. At first thought I was under the impression that I could use this to add a link to an existing Use Case diagram. However, this option creates a new sub-diagram instead. The same applies to all the other ‘overview options’.

As such my suggestion… I’ve been thinking of course, for example: “Use Case Diagram Overview - create a new Use Case sub-Diagram as thumbnail”. This description may not be fully correct, but I do hope you get my drift. It does make it clear that users are creating a new diagram instead of linking one.

And in addition: would it be possible to cancel the diagram creation? Even if you press the escape key when you’re asked to specify a new name then the program adds the new diagram no matter what. It might be helpful to allow us to cancel that. So if you hit escape then the new diagram doesn’t get created or added.

As always, thanks for reading!

Hi Peter,

To create an overview that links to an existing diagram, you can simply drag and drop a diagram from the Diagram Navigator to any diagram. Or you may create a “Diagram Overview” from the Overview Diagram toolbar (the top-most button), then right-click on it and select Associate to Diagram from the popup menu.

Hope this would help.