Support for Hive and Graph Databases

We are going to use out of Postgres also Hive and Graph engine, is it hard to support new database type, should we ask Support or should we do it on our own?

Thank you.


Any idea how to support new database DDL generation?

Thanks a lot, we need it on project. :slight_smile:

Sorry for a late response, I’ve been absent and I think the VP team overlooked your initial question.

Just so I understand what you mean: you want to provide SQL support for another database engine?

Now, I quickly peeked at the Hive website and I noticed that they provide a JDBC driver. This means that, theoretically, you should be able to import that driver into Visual Paradigm. Note that I don’t have hands on experience with this myself, but:

You can find this dialog by opening the Tools pane and then opening the DB menu and selecting ‘database configuration’:

Hope this can help!

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@ShelLuser - I didn’t test this solution yet, but another came to my head based on your answer here:

Scenario of automated DDL pipeline with support for Postgres and Hive:

  1. I use DatabaseManager interface/or other exisitng in VP to generate from Java DDL for Postgres and store those in GIT repository (as some users work in development on postgres anyway with some objects)
  2. Once commit arrives in GIT I will trigger Jenkins or other CI/CD pipeline which will take those DDL and populate real Postgres database instance with dummy structures only.
  3. The I will trigger sqoop --create-hive-table to get Hive DDL syntax from Postgres live instance
  4. Store DDL for Hive in GIT alongside with latest Postgres DDL

Its not big deal, if you have any other idea let me know.

Thx for discussion.


For VP team - We are looking for Hive support generation of DDL.

The issue is that we need to use partitioning on both Postgres and Hive. At moment I can define custom DDL clauses on Entity level in ER diagram, but I need support to distinguish to execute these custom clauses per technology level (Hive is different definition and Postgres as well.)

Hi Ladislav,

Thanks for your enquiry and sorry for the late reply.
I’m pleased to inform you that we planned to support DDL generation for Hive in future version of VP, probably in 16.0. :slightly_smiling_face:


I second the motion for graph database support.
I’m using dgraph, a free open source distributed graph database. Others you may want to connect, eg. Neo4J, … well here’s a list:

Would love to see these work with VP!