SysML BDD to IBD Relationship

I was evaluating your tool for use of SysML and found one limiting factor that makes it difficult to use for my purposes. I thought I’d leave a note about the intended behavior I’d like to see.

A BDD is many times used to develop the hierarchy of a system, along with other relationships, but the hierarchy is more prominent with systems engineering. A typically work flow would be to develop the BDD, then generate the IBD from the BDD. So the components that are composite to the primary block would be shown internal to it and so on. Then you add ports to represent interfaces, and can start developing and associating interface requirements to the port type.

I could not find a way to automatically add the parts of the block to the IBD. Instead it seems like you have to completely rebuild what you did in the BDD. I think this is a key feature of SysML that should be implemented.