Text wrapping after Paste

despite what I read here(Wrap text in document pane if a line exceed edit box right side), I find if I create a passage outside VP and then try to paste the text either directly into a diagram or explicitly into a text box, it makes no attempt at wrapping and I can’t see any option to switch wrapping on or off.

What am I missing?

Could you provide some kind of screenshot to show the actual problem? Because I can’t really reproduce any wrapping issues.

Here I copied the text from another post of mine, then added a text box and specifically made sure to make it smaller than the lines of my message.

This is the result:


As you can see it fully wrapped the text for me.


Not just that it also immediately recognized any Glossary items and applied links to them.

bah humbug!

Sorry to waste your time. My bad. I was using the “Text” object, not the “Text Box”

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