There are so many new diagram types and templates in VP Online, You want to know the real Figures?

There are a huge collection of Diagrams, Examples and Templates in VP Online, I was wondering the real figure as of today (03-03-2020)? I had just asked the VP team :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Here is the Figures:

Diagram types: 214
Templates + Examples: 2043

As of today

Just matter of interest!


It’s a very impressive number indeed. However… for some reason the online portion never really clicked with me, I prefer using the ‘regular’ diagrams. Also because of the extra functionality you get with regards to information management (the ability to re-use model elements and add metadata to the model elements).

Thanks for sharing!

Hi ShelLuser

I have asked the VP team 2 questions related to the issue you mentioned.

  1. Will the online diagram has the corresponding model capability for diagram elements as the way the VP desktop provided?

  2. Is it possible to have some kind of the compatibility between the VP Online and Desktop version diagram (or even fully compatible diagrams)?

The VP Team replies me:

  1. The initial model associated with diagram elements is on the way and likely to be released in the coming new version.

  2. The compatibility between the online and desktop diagrams is in the implementation roadmap

That should be great! I am longing to see these new features!

If these two new features are available I believe VP would be very unique in the market and have excellent competitive advantage.

Keep you with your good work VP Team!

To be honest I am quite sceptical here. I don’t see this working “just like that”, also considering the huge amounts of data that would have to go back and forth, not to mention the issue of firewalls (depending how they would push back the data).

(edit): Let me put this differently… The Chrome API is the reason why we get access to these online contents. In other words: a web browser engine. Web browsers do not allow you to store local data, unless of course it’s a cookie.

So next to web data we’d also need other data streams to make this happen. And quite frankly, I don’t see that happening any time soon. For the simple reason that I know VP doesn’t utilize a data engine at this time which also allows for inter-peer connectivity. Right now it’s still all focused around SQLite.

Even so… with all due respect I don’t think the online parts can ever beat the classic. One of the main reasons I prefer using VP over Visio is because you don’t have to drag everything in but instead can also utilize the object browser. And that’s something I don’t expect to see with the online setup anytime soon.

Yes, indeed the VP desktop is an excellent product and it is very hard to migrate all of the features to the VP Online in anytime soon. I hope there will be some level of compatibility between the two. That is what our development team longing to have

Thank you for sharing!