UML profile for the ArchiMate modeling language

Hi gang!

While going over the list of specifications from the OMG (‘Object Management Group’) I suddenly discovered something interesting: last March the OMG has released the first beta of the UML Profile for ArchiMate, see this link for the documentation on that.

The intent is to extend UML to provide the ability to develop models expressed in ArchiMate.

To be honest I’m not too sure what to make of this. Especially if you keep in mind that basically all of the ArchiMate stereotypes extend the UML class (UML::Class). And I also don’t really see anyone using UML anytime soon for ArchiMate purposes.

However… If this could help to bring both standards closer together in a way where they can also more officially co-exist then I think that could be a very interesting development.

Please note though that my expertise on UML profiles is quite limited as of yet. The main reason I’m sharing this is because I thought it was interesting, and because Visual Paradigm fully supports both standards (UML and ArchiMate).