Unable to log in to Teamwork Client

Running 15.1 standard edition and wanting to try out the new features, (like SWOT diagram). Not exactly thrilled that these require online access but ok, that’s the direction so I accept it.

So of course I’m prompted to log in to Teamwork server and get the log in dialog. After entering email and password, (which work when going to VP online through my browser), I get the message:

The version of VPository you using is newer then your client application. Please login to Admin Repository to upgrade the VPository.

I don’t fully understand this message nor do I know how to access the Admin Repository.

Any help appreciated.


The backend repository probably needs to be upgraded to version 15.1. you should be able to email customer support to ask them to upgrade your repository.

It’s quite easy but also easy to overlook. First log into VP Online, then open the menu by clicking on your name in the upper right corner:

After you’ve done that you’ll be taken to the admin panel from which you can manage your project, and your whole VPository. The menu on the left will show you a clickable option “upgrade to 15.1” (I can’t show this because I already upgraded myself).

Click it, and then you’ll have to wait a while. Eventually you’ll get an e-mail to inform you about the proceeded upgrade. After that you will be able to log on again.

Hope this can help.

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