Use in Wireframe diagrams random colors

Hello dear VP,
I am very fond of your tool, and i want to suggest feature to use random colors in the items of wireframe diagram, 'cos it give the whole team value to imagine how new interface will be in our color.

Best regards Ann.

Thank you for using Visual Paradigm.
We suggest you specific color manually.

To specific color of wireframe shape.
First, right-click on wireframe shape(s) to show popup.
Then, click on Color… menu item.

Color dialog will be shown and you can specific color you want.

Late response, but better late then never right? :wink:

I don’t have much experience with wireframes yet, but I still wonder if this can be solved with a plugin. I’ll have a look see later this week and see what I can come up with. Shouldn’t be too difficult to generate a random number in Java and then assigning that to a newly created element.

This is of course assuming that I can somehow detect the creation of said new element, that’s what I’ll have to look into.

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Dear ShelLuser,

At the moment we not support changing color of wireframe element with Open API. But this is planned to be support in v15.0 SP1 which should be around Feb 2018. I’ll keep you post on any news about this enhancement.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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Ha, talk about teasers! :grin:

Thanks for the heads up Rain, I appreciate it. And it is good to know that you guys will continue to support (and extend!) the OpenAPI.

Apart from all the massive features which Visual Paradigm has to offer I honestly think the API sits right in the top 3 most important program features. Most modeling software which I’m aware of doesn’t provide this kind of customization options.

Thanks for fast answer.
When I suggested use of random color I imagine to use more then 10 colors from the list but to use color palette for 256 colors or more like RGB colors for web or for some others diagrams in VP like UML class diagrams.
I would looking for future evolution of my favorite tool. Also looking for some special diagrams that will support fact oriented modeling (NIAM, FCO-IM or others)
Best regards Ann