Using UML to document a network design

Has anyone ever tried to use UML to produce a network diagram? I’ve always used Visio for network diagrams, (because it has easily recognizable symbols/figures for all of the devices), however, I know have a requirement to use UML to document a network design. I could do this using stereotyped class diagrams, or deployment diagrams <>, <>, <> etc., but since there is no standardized symbols, it seems that it might be less intuitive, and require more explanation. If anyone has suggestions, or, has done a network diagram using UML, please provide suggestions, and/or samples of what you did. Thanks in advance.

I know I’m responding to a message posted one year ago, but I still wanted to share my opinion on this.

Very much yes. To be honest I’ve been applying UML in all sorts of strange ways and it really works out for me, all powered by Visual Paradigm I might add. The fun thing is that the trigger for me to try this approach was because VP at some time in the past merged some of their products. I was using a version specifically aimed at IDE integration (modeler edition) and because of my support subscription (which expired, I’m seriously considering to pick it up again) I got migrated into the current (stand alone) version of Visual Paradigm.

And that meant: diagrams outside of NetBeans & Visual Studio :wink:

I had the best results utilizing Deployment diagrams in combination with the extra enhancements which VP provides (the freehand tools). Also because, to some extend, Deployment diagrams were meant for this in the first place.

I have never done this myself, but VP allows you to import Visio models. Also see this webpage:

So maybe you could combine the lot a bit?

I know I’m a “little” too late (sorry) but yeah, maybe it can still give other readers some ideas.