Visual Paradigm 16.3 ChangeLogs


  • Enhance performance on purge project in Teamwork Server.
  • Fixed bad layout issue in Teamwork Client dialog under GNOME GTK+.
  • Fixed code generation problem under IntelliJ IDEA integration.
  • Fixed cannot add row to Customer Journey Map and Process Map issue.
  • Fixed sequence diagram element misplaced when distribute horizontally issue.
  • Fixed generate update database script for SQL Server always generate alter statement on time columns issue.
  • Fixed unable to configure floating license access code issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed shape disappear under print preview.


  • Support import BIAN ArchiMate XML models.
  • Fixed missing getter/setter on diagram ID operations in plugin API issue.
  • Fixed database reversing wrongly handle drop procedure as drop function issue.
  • Fixed Teamwork Server unable to import license key due to non-supported system time format issue.
  • Fixed VP Server installation unable to setup embedded database issue.
  • Fixed incorrect model order when sort by name issue.
  • Fixed missing content problem in generated swagger code.
  • Fixed unable to delete task dependencies in Tasifier issue.
  • Fixed screen capture tool not working on Windows issue.


  • Support C4 Model in Modeler Edition.
  • Support specify resolution when export Customer Journey Map and Process Map into images.
  • Support SysML DirectedFeature.
  • Enhance completion message on REST reverse engineering.
  • Enhance import BIAN ArchiMate XML models.
  • Fixed issue on wrongly delete column from view when column is duplicated from another entity.
  • Fixed missing empty space between text issue in Doc. Composer output.
  • Fixed problem on import project from XML format.
  • Fixed search not working in Story Map and User Stories issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer generate incorrect requirement ID issue.
  • Fixed ETL table display incorrect requirement ID issue.
  • Fixed text spacing issue in Doc. Composer.
  • [VP Online] Support remove floating license key.


  • Support show from on SysML diagram.
  • Support create Constraint Properties in SysML Block.
  • Support show time trigger in state transition.
  • Enhance diagram overview shape to support display diagram name in SysML format.
  • Enhancement on SysML view, viewpoint and stakeholder.
  • Enhance MySQL database generator wrongly apply max length checking on varbinary issue.
  • Fixed java.lang.ArrayStoryException when commit project issue.
  • Fixed content in text box not fully shown in Doc. Composer issue.
  • Fixed missing description in attributes when reverse engineer from JSON issue.
  • Fixed fail to import Swagger to model issue.
  • Fixed fail to export data to Excel issue.
  • Fixed mis-ordered project internal properties causing unable to commit project problem.
  • Fixed Project Publisher wrongly publish column description in summary table issue.


  • Support configure to display constraint name or value on diagram.
  • Enhance Internal Block Diagram by support reuse properties from its parent Block.
  • Enhance display of diagram name according to SysML format.
  • Fixed model folder being duplicated problem.
  • Fixed unable to select Story Map structure issue when re-create agile process.
  • Fixed wrong icon for ArchiMate Realization, Specialiation and Flow connectors in legend issue.
  • Fixed call behaviour wrongly moved under action issue.
  • Fixed cannot load VP Online diagram in Teamwork Server issue.


  • Fixed export entity to Excel missed stereotype models problem.
  • Fixed permission access problem on PostMania.
  • Fixed problem on unable to save VP Online type diagrams when using local workspace.
  • Fixed wrongly allow adding freehand shape to legend issue.
  • Fixed fail to generate DDL due to entity without column issue.
  • Fixed associations not being show in specification dialog problem.
  • Fixed fail to reverse OpenAPI file with additionalProperties issue.
  • Fixed C4 diagram only show small editor issue.
  • Fixed missing icon for Parts in Model Explorer tree issue.
  • Fixed reverse SQL Server DDL losing datetime2 column type issue.
  • Fixed Copy Dependency in SysML Requirement Diagram unable to copy requirement text issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed corrupted PNG image being exported issue.


  • Support auto generate SysML PrimitiveDataValues to project.
  • Support repair project with remove duplicated models.
  • Fixed word wrap problem on SysML Block.
  • Fixed drag & drop Property to Block created double elements issue.
  • Fixed plugin API cannot generate diagram in headless mode issue.
  • Fixed order of Requirement property not create according to configuration issue.


  • Enhance Teamwork Server & VP Online support showing project relative path according to folder structure.
  • Enhance handling of EoF during database reverse engineering.
  • Fixed activity unable to fully render element caption under specific zoom ratio issue.
  • Fixed unable to drag & drop nested properties to Internal Block Diagram issue.
  • Fixed missing support “as” syntax in reverse engineering of SQL Server DDL issue.
  • Fixed wrong tooltip on ArchiMate Application Collaboration element issue.
  • Fixed Apply button in Configure Code Type not immediately apply change to chart issue.
  • Fixed unable to duplicate sequence diagram models with loss/found message issue.
  • Fixed text element losing leading space on Mac issue.
  • Fixed unable to handle “anyOf” in REST reverse engineering issue.
  • [VP Online] Restore find and replace buttons in new user interface.


  • Enhance Teamwork Server prompt message for user try to create new member when server is using LDAP/AD/SAML user authentication method.
  • Enhance Teamwork Client support search on branches when perform switch and merge of branch.
  • Fixed Mindmap node add comment resource button being overlapped issue.
  • Fixed unable to save project to local device even not using any web based features issue.
  • Fixed unable to import VP Online diagrams to VP desktop application issue.
  • Fixed Instant Reverse of Python unable to handle metaclass inheritance issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed z-order problem on editing diagram.
  • [VP Online] Fixed connector not being relocate when resize multiple connected elements at the same time.


  • Fixed missing support full port compart in SysML Block issue.
  • Fixed filter box in open project dialog unable to search on existing checked-out projects issue.
  • Fixed list view in open project dialog wrongly activated under display search result issue.
  • Fixed find & replace text damage text layout in model description issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer missing default templates for BMM process issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer missed output entity name when report transition relationship to column issue.
  • [VP Online] Enhance connector selection on diagram.
  • [VP Online] Fixed video chat bar overlapped with diagram’s bottom menu issue.
  • [VP Online] Restore sweeper and magnet buttons in new user interface.
  • [VP Online] Fixed problem on embedded artifacts to HTML.


  • Fixed unable to open VP Online diagram in VP Desktop issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed missing rotate image in collage problem.
  • [VP Online] Fixed export artifacts to PDF generated extra page issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to open artifacts from device issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed cannot apply font to text problem.


  • Enhance performance on generate business process simulation charts.
  • Enhance Integer() constructor to fulfil JDK 11/17 requirement in generated ORM code.
  • Support show constraint expression on diagram.
  • Fixed empty EPS file being exported from diagram issue.
  • Fixed UML activity not fully apply font colour issue.
  • Fixed wrong license check issue on output Customer Journey Map and Process Map to document.
  • [VP Online] Support alignment guide when resizing elements.
  • [VP Online] Enhance user interface on sharing of artifacts.
  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to paste content to diagram name box using Ctrl + V shortcut problem.
  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to save diagram problem.


  • Support turn off auto layout models when visualize related elements.
  • Support create Flow Property on flowSpecification vai popup menu.
  • Change caption “Find in container” to “Find sub-diagrams of” in Advance Search dialog.
  • Update bundled JxBrowser to version 7.2.
  • Fixed Visual Studio Integration may hang after generate database.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer output document to PDF missed diagram image when watermark is configured.
  • Fixed bad search field in Model Transitor dialog.
  • Fixed copy sample data from entity wrongly copy internal ID on FK column.
  • Fixed slow to open VP Online type diagram on Teamwork Server.
  • Fixed unable to change sort order of requirements in tabular view issue.
  • Fixed bad encoding when export diagram to EPS file issue.
  • Fixed grammatical error on IDE Integration dialog.
  • Fixed unable to reverse OpenAPI due to $ref, array & object issue.
  • [VP Online] Enhance display of long text content in property editor.
  • [VP Online] Restore create table button to menu.
  • [VP Online] Support rectilinear connectors.
  • [VP Online] Fixed charts resize issue.
  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to open diagram issue.


  • Fixed Gantt Chart fail to load issue.


  • Fixed unable to launch the software on Mac problem
  • Fixed application hang up after save or commit project to repository.


  • Fixed models cannot be import form Archi problem.
  • Enhanced default configuration to avoid application hang up caused by non-supported TLS version used in network connection.
  • Fixed application cannot launch on Mac OS problem.
  • Fixed problem on access teamwork project attached files when project name end with punctuation.


  • Fixed search Teamwork Server projects issue on Open Project dialog.
  • Fixed C++ round-trip engineering unable to handle constexpr, enum class & enum struct problem.
  • Fixed fail to reverse engineering Java code under IntelliJ IDEA integration problem.
  • Fixed floor plan diagram element cannot rotate problem.
  • Fixed VP Server wrongly show message of invalid update file when server actually no need to perform update.
  • Fixed VP Online diagram missing auto-layout menu problem.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer export document to PDF having wrong font size issue.
  • Fixed storage display problem in VP Online.
  • Enhanced performance on Teamwork Client.
  • Enhanced Project Browser to block execution of terminal files attached to projects, and auto append .unsafe extension to terminal file on Mac.
  • Prompt user when specified index pattern which having potential issue during database generation.
  • Update bundled log4J to version 2.17.1


  • Fixed invalid background issue when export VP Online diagram to PDF.


  • Fixed performance problem on switch between branch projects in Teamwork Client.
  • Fixed Formatting Panel for class member not being shown when editing class diagram via browser.
  • Fixed Formatting Panel for combined fragment not being shown when editing sequence diagram via browser.
  • Fixed bad rendering of tagged values on diagram issue.
  • Fixed corrupted link in Tasifier task description problem.
  • Fixed bad model name causing fail to generate Open API problem.
  • Fixed some classes not being generated to Open API problem.
  • Fixed unable to reverse allOf properties form Open API problem.
  • Fixed PHP Instant Reverse wrongly reversed extends relationships into dependency.
  • Fixed application hang up while editing SysML diagram problem.
  • Fixed Edit Link not working issue on VP Online diagrams.
  • Fixed unable to copy external images to VP Online diagrams problem.
  • Fixed custom selected colour not show in recent colour list issue.
  • Fixed message elements causing fail to create to-be process diagram problem.
  • Enhanced session handling on VP Server.


  • Fixed Doc. Composer failed to export header images to document.
  • Fixed PHP Instant Reverse fail to reverse protected string.
  • Support IDBColumn.setUserType(String) in plugin API.
  • Support using plugin API to display ArchiMate Interface using custom image.


  • Fixed VP Server admin login missing Members tab problem.
  • Fixed wrong creation date on Customer Journey Map and Process Map diagrams.
  • Fixed font changed issue when export VP Online diagrams to PDF.
  • Fixed unable to rename tabular in VP Client problem.
  • Fix data loss on tabular when perform commit while editing.
  • Enhanced performance on Project Explorer.
  • Enhanced error message for VP Server when using SAML authentication but no mail server configured.
  • Enhanced error message on invalid source file provided for Erwin model import.
  • Enhance prompt message when perform teamwork commit when user didn’t have proper license.


  • Fixed missing REST resources when export models to Excel.
  • Fixed diagram rendering problem when import REST resources from Excel.
  • Fixed bad header alignment in ETL table.
  • Fixed publish project via command line missed project revision number.
  • Fixed application hang when import project to server.
  • Enhance process canvas by remove unrelated UI elements.
  • Enhance VP Server log files.


  • Enhance encryption on user’s password field in VP Server exported user entry XML.
  • Enhance data time format instruction in Application Options.


  • Enhance VP Server to avoid potential path traversal attack, xss attack in admin interface, and XXE attack on admin interface import member details XML.
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  • Fixed fail to commit project caused by mirror model element and checksum calculation on Linux issues.
  • Fixed PostMania unable to make post, unable to search post, and search post in wrong scope issues.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer fail to generate document due to invalid revision scope issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer preview truncated elements name in specific zoom ratio issue.
  • Fixed unable to export VP Online diagrams into images file when it contain external images.
  • Fixed project management properties not being show in Requirement Diagram issue.
  • Fixed generate invalid DDL for MS SQL default values issue.
  • Fixed reverse database missed reverse create statement from PostgreSQL stored procedure issue.
  • Fixed cannot open files from reference project’s document cabinet issue.
  • Fixed fail to open Gantt Chart problem.
  • Enhance PHP Instant Reverse to reverse comments in source code into class description.
  • Update email mail related libraries for VP Server.
  • Update Polish translation.