Visual Paradigm for a Visual Studio Solution.sln

In Visual Studio you can create a Solution that is a set of projects (.csproj) and even it can contain solutions (.sln) too.

Visual Paradigm has the limitation that only can be integrated to a one Visual Studio project (.csproj). That means that I need to create one Visual Paradigm project per one Visual Studio projects (.csproj).

This approach, raised the problem when a Use Case is realized by a “software entity” that has relationship with other “software entities” in different Visual Studio projects (.csproj) in the same Visual Studio solution (.sln). In this case I cannot measure the impact of a change neither on a Use Case nor on a “software entity”.

It good be great if Visual Paradigm can be integrated with a Visual Studio Solution (*.sln).


Thank for your comment. A visual studio project is required for code synchronization features.
Can project reference help you?

Thank you for you help!

I referenced two Visual Paradigm projects but I cannot drag an drop artifacts from the other project, thus, I still having the problem to properly measure the impact of a change.

Unless I missed something by referencing Visual Paradigm project I only can see diagrams from the referenced project, but it is no possible interaction between projects.

Would be great if it is possible to create relationship between artifacts from the referenced project.

Thanks again!


Can the see reference project in Model Explorer view?

No, I cannot see the referenced projects in Model Explorer view.

I can see them in the Diagram Navigator.

So, what else do I need?


You should see a drop down list in Model Explorer:

After select a reference project, you can drag and drop to diagram.