Visual Studio 2019 Integration - Many Projects in One Solution

I have a Visual Studio solution with many service projects inside.

I want to create component interaction diagrams that cross project boundary, from one service project to another inside the same Visual Studio solution, because that is how the services operate.

This is all done long after development project already complete but needs new feature.

I followed this thread so far:

So I have each project has its own vpp project.

I can add vpp project references across vpp projects just fine inside Visual Studio.

I can’t get the ‘Browse Code’ feature to work for referenced vpp projects.

How can I Browse Code for a referenced project in Visual Studio? If this doesn’t work, is it not possible forward engineer code changes for a referenced project in Visual Studio, say I want to remove attribute? Are these project references copies and not references? If they are copies, why they can’t Browse Code?

Thank you for answering, joe.

Hi Joe,

Sorry that code synchronization (including browse code) only works with current project, so you have to open the project first.