Visual Paradigm integration installed but not showing in Visual Studio


Hi guys, apologies if this is a trivial question but after 5 hours trying I’m about to go crazy! I’m attempting to install IDE integration for my Visual Studio 2017 Community. I’ve opened both Visual Studio and Visual Paradigm as administrator.!

Its telling me its been sucCessfully installed, but in my Visual Studio nothing??


It shouldn’t matter too much (as far as I know) but what Visual Paradigm edition are you trying to install?

Also: what steps did you try to make this work? Normally you’d start by installing Visual Paradigm as a stand-alone program. Then you select the Integration option in the Window tab, then click “IDE Integration”. That should be enough to set things up for Visual Studio.

One thing though, just to make sure there’s no confusion here: Visual Paradigm doesn’t automatically start whenever you start Visual Studio. Normally you’d have an option “Load Visual Paradigm” listed under the Tools menu. There should also be an option in the context menu (right mouse click) for your solution (“project”). So those options also don’t show up?


Hi Laffeydavid32,

I just tested install Visual Paradigm 15.0 on Visual Studio 2017 Community but cannot reproduce the problem.

What’s your Visual Paradigm version and build?
Please check Tools > Extensions and Updates, can you find SDE for Visual Studio 2017?

And please try to install extension by executing “Application\visualstudio_2017\VPSDE_VS.vsix” under your Visual Paradigm installation folder.