Visual paradigm online export does not work

Since the support form at doesn’t work either, I’ll post this here:

File -> Export does nothing, there should be opened new dialog window to select export format etc. But there is no dialog or any other action, only this in console:
vpdiagram.min.js:2255 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Ia’ of undefined
at AB (vpdiagram.min.js:2255)
at AB (vpdiagram.min.js:2255)
at AB (vpdiagram.min.js:2255)
at rp. (vpdiagram.min.js:2259)
at Oq.Ob (vpdiagram.min.js:28)
at vpdiagram.min.js:1745
at eh. (vpdiagram.min.js:161)
at HTMLTableRowElement. (vpdiagram.min.js:28)
I tried three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on two platform (Linux, MacOS) and nothing. I even created new account with my backup email. I also loaded diagrams from Google Drive and local file. This happens to all 3 different diagrams (component diagram, state diagram, class diagram).
This is real problem for me. It is something for work and I need to update it and send new version. Now I’m only left with the “Print screen, cut in image editor and get low resolution” option.
I used to use Desktop version of Visual Paradigm in one of my previous jobs. Now I was thinking about starting to use Visual Paradigm Online, obviously with subscription, but this kind of unreliability is quite a deal breaker.

Hi Martin,

We are very sorry about the inconvenience that this issue caused you. We have located and fixed the problem and the new Visual Paradigm Online will soon roll out. I’ll reply to this thread to let you know when the new version is available. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Hi Martin,

I would like to let you know that thew new Visual Paradigm Online has just rolled out which has got the export image issue fixed. Please try to see if it works.

Thank you,


What do you mean though with “doesn’t work”? I’ve used that form myself quite a few times and so far never had much issues with it.

But that’s what these forums are for: also a solid safety net :slight_smile:

I think I’ve described quite thoroughly, what the problem was, to sum up: expected dialog not showing, null pointer in minified javascript.

Hi Anthony,
thank you for the update. I can confirm that the export-image feature works correctly again.