Visual paradigm support form bug

Form at
does not work, I got this in console:
(index):198 Uncaught ReferenceError: submitticket is not defined
at HTMLInputElement.onclick ((index):198)
onclick @ (index):198

We are sorry for the problem you experienced.
We will fix it soon and you will be notified when there are any feedback.

This issue is fixed.
Feel free on keep discussion in our forum here.

Make sure you’re not using specific adblockers. It’s my experience that some of those often also block ‘referrers’ and that can theoretically influence that form.

For the record: I just took the liberty to test this form myself and I cannot reproduce any errors.

But on that subject… if you licensed Visual Paradigm then there’s another option to request support. Go to the Customer Service page (see link) where you’ll also find an overview of your licenses and subscriptions. There you’ll also have a tab ‘support’. This is a very basic HTML form which will work even if you do have stronger blocking plugins in effect.

Hope this can also help a bit.