VP-UML 10: Change the option order in the context menu

Hi gang,

First of all big compliments for VP-UML 10. I really enjoy (and admire) the option that us SDE users are now allowed to use both the stand-alone and IDE integrated versions. And on that subject: I also admire your devotion for the software. After almost every update I discover new or enhanced features and even though I’ve been using your software for approx. 3.5 years I still learn something new every now and then.

My suggestion…

For a short while I’ve been using VP-UML way more seriously in a stand-alone fashion. I recently discovered (and adopted) the ‘glossary option’ (Glossary Grid diagram). Now; every time you double click a name you’re taken to the term editor. So far, so good. I know you can easily click the close button and be done with it. But I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to change the order of the context menu, here’s what I mean:


The first option is ‘Cascade’, the second ‘Tile’ but wouldn’t it make more sense to move ‘Close’ to the top? The option I use the most myself is ‘Close’ when I’m done with the window. Cascade and Tile are options which I think aren’t used that often.

Now; I also learned about “control-w” and such, but sometimes you just like to have some visual confirmation of what you’re doing.

As such; a suggestion.

Hi Peter,

Sorry for our late reply and thank you very much for your suggestion regarding the ordering of menus. We usually place the Exit, Quit, Close menu items at the bottom part of menu because it seems to be a convention for most applications. And in fact, it may be a bit difficult to reorder menus now because users might have got used to the current position of those menus. Therefore, we would like to keep the menus as-is unless we find them too difficult to work with.

Sorry for not adopting your suggestion but please feel free to post again if you have any other opinion. We would love to listen.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

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