VPository free with VP Professional?

I’m wondering if VPository is really free after purchasing a VP professional floating licence.
I know during evaluation time there is a VPository “light” instance running on local machine.
But do I have access to online features like PostMania or Tasifier for my whole team (more than licences purchased) and clients? I cannot find any server for evaluation testing. (To test against our infrastructure standards.) Is it a tomcat as in evaluation time?

thx in advance

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It is, but there are some specific scenario’s to keep in mind. But before I explain please be aware that I don’t have hands on experience with floating licenses myself, only perpetual and subscriptions.

VPository, which has now been renamed to Visual Paradigm Online, manifests itself in 2 ways:

  • As an (online) extension for the desktop software.
  • As an online VP version; usable with a web browser.

When you purchase Visual Paradigm you also get a support license lasting for one year. During the time in which this support period is active you’ll be entitled to new updates as well as full access to Visual Paradigm online.

Another interesting aspect is that other people who do not necessarily own a Visual Paradigm license (or a support license) will also be able to fully use the features in Visual Paradigm online within the context of your project(s). You basically create and invite the users and can assign them with specific access permissions.

When your support contract runs out you will retain access to the online “supporting” parts within the desktop software but will no longer be able to access Visual Paradigm online from within your browser. I don’t have hands on experience with this, but from what I understand this mostly manifests itself to services such as online diagrams, Tasifier and PostMania (the last part is an assumption on my part).

I base these conclusions on the information from this webpage:

Yes, but my experiences were limited to one extra user only, I do not know for certain if there is a maximum amount of users you can add. But I’m sure someone from Visual Paradigm will be able to answer that.

You also mentioned Tomcat. Visual Paradigm online will probably be provided through their online cloud services, so not necessarily using a local Tomcat instance. I know that a local installation is also possible, but to my knowledge that is mostly aimed at personal use. Once again I’m sure someone from Visual Paradigm will be able to answer this.

Even so I hope this can be useful to you for now, I expect the VP team to be online tomorrow (local time), so during regular office hours.