Window positions not preserved in NetBeans integration

Before I go on I’m not too sure if the cause of this bug is to be found in NetBeans or VP for UML, but figured I’d try here first…

Using: VP for UML ME 10 (Build 20120806).

Previous situation (SDE-ME):

When I first started SDE ME it would show all its windows in NetBeans. Something I didn’t like because I only need a small subset, so I changed stuff: I moved the ‘diagram navigator’ and ‘model’ to the lower left corner of the screen (next to NB’s own members view) as docked. The property & stencil sit minimized to the left.

When closing NB and re-starting SDE-ME NB it would restore my Windows setting as well as the bars on top (I only want VP-UML zoom & alignment).

But with the current version and NB 7.2 it never restores the windows properly. I always get the full batch of windows while the task bar at the top does get properly restored (only the zoom & alignment show).

The obvious question: where could this go wrong?

This should be a bug. Let me check.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

I would like to let you know this problem has been fixed and please run the VP-UML Update to update the software to latest patch (20120827as or later). Details about update to latest patch can be found at

Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Thanks a lot for the fast response Rain!

I’m very happy to report that everything is now working just the way it used to be.

Thanks very much for the efforts.